25 years ago when we had a dream to satisfy all of your cravings. Since then we have been travelling the world to bring all what you were missing.

Today U-Food is among the leading premium food importers and distributors in the region.

25 years and we're just starting.

Established in 1994 to import fresh products from France to Lebanon, U-Food grew to become leader quality products segment..

Over the last 25 years, and through continuous effort from all its stakeholders, our company counts today more than 100 employees.

With 2 warehouses at Hazmieh totaling 1500 square meters, and a fleet of 16 refrigerated trucks, we serve 973 POS all over Lebanon. In 2005 AUF was established in Jordan, followed by Benina Qatar during 2008, and Benina Kuwait in December 2016.

through our company U-Group in Paris/Rungis established in 1991, or by direct shipments from our suppliers, we have weekly air shipment, in addition to regular chilled & dry sea containers.

Today we import products from more than 25 countries, represent around 90 companies.

Our initial objective in Lebanon, and later in Jordan, Qatar and Kuwait, was to introduce quality food products, and educate consumers how to enjoy. Today we look to stay leaders in our sector and increase our market share through intensive marketing activities, developing new ways of consumption, and introducing innovative products from suppliers on regular basis.

As consumers’ behavior is changing, so is our range to match their expectations and needs.


Be part of people’s life; to be profitable business to its stakeholders by offering tasty foods and creating leading trusted brands at reasonable prices with an outstanding service


To be a trusted regional distributor that sets an example of excellence in service and quality while insuring client’s satisfaction

Our Values
    • Commitment to efficiency
    • Commitment to quality
    • Commitment to innovation
    • Commitment to integrity
    • Commitment to success
    • Commitment to people development

The management and employees of U-FOOD, AUF, Benina Qatar, Benina Kuwait, and U-Group are committed to a policy of Total Quality, productivity and service in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and will ensure that this policy is implemented and maintained in our group through adequate resources and training, which would lead to a service which comply not only with customers' needs, but also anticipate their future needs, hence ensuring their satisfaction, and the continuous growth of the company.


We are ISO certified by Bureau Veritas.

Benina Qatar